Ethiopia launches Scaling Solar tender with 250MW RFQ

Today, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) formally initiated its Scaling Solar tender by issuing a Request for Pre-Qualification (RFQ) for two solar photovoltaic projects, each with a capacity of 125MWac.

All interested parties are invited to:

— Purchase the RFQ documents for 1,000 Ethiopian Birr at the EEP’s Head Office (Meba Building, Legahar, Addis Ababa), Procurement Department, Ground Floor Room #1; or
—  Request instructions on how to register and purchase the RFQ documents electronically by sending an email to

The deadline for applications is 21 November 2017. For all questions and inquiries regarding the RFQ, please contact

The Ethiopian tender represents the fifth Scaling Solar tender in Africa to date, , after the recent RFQ launch for Madagascar. Zambia’s Round 1 projects are expected to reach financial close soon, while Senegal and Zambia’s Round 2 have both completed qualification stages and are awaiting proposal stage. A qualification stage is also expected soon in Madagascar.

Scaling Solar thanks its partners for their contribution to this project and their continued support for the Scaling Solar program.